About: Diem Culinary

In operation since 2014, Diem Culinary is one of the Twin Cities' premier options for custom catering and personal chef work. It was created as an outlet for Josh's own creativity and ambition. He wanted to be free to cook new and exciting things and the freedom to offer customers options that they previously didn't even know existed. He also wanted to incorporate things that were important to him into the company's philosophy. Things like: always using fresh food and cooking everything from scratch, sustainable sourcing, and of course creativity. 


About Chef Josh: After attending MSU-Mankato and earning a degree in political science Josh became increasingly intrigued by food and cooking and learning everything he could about both subjects. He started working in restaurants in downtown and uptown Minneapolis. After working under some of the best chefs the Twin Cities has to offer he decided it was time to attempt to veer off on his own culinary adventure and that is when he started to work as a personal chef and started Diem Culinary. Since then he has continued to learn and grow as a chef and continues to try to find new ways to share his culinary experience with everyone possible. 


Getting to know Josh (Q&A)

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The Team

Tyson Coleman (pictured to the left wearing pink)

Tyson has been a part of the Diem Culinary team since the very beginning. He is from Apple Valley, MN and enjoys working with youth and dabbles in horticulture in his free time. Although he is not technically a chef Tyson has a sound culinary background and he works with staffing and logistics.