Personal Chef

Our team of chefs is available for hire! We offer private dinner service, meal preparation services, nutritional guidance, meal planning services and customized services based on requests. Contact us today regarding questions or availability.


Here there are, the people behind the success of Diem Culinary

Services Provided


We will plan up to a month of meals for you, (accommodating for specialized diets and allergies) complete with shopping lists, recipes and we may even be able to deliver the food right to your doorstep! Contact us for more information.

We offer prepare up to a week worth of meal for you to be delivered or prepared in your home. We work with all sorts of specialized diets and allergies and will work with your schedule to make it stress free for you. Contact us for more info.

Our staff nutritionist will work with you to achieve your health or dietary goals. contact us for a consultation and availability.

We offer in-home plated meal service for 2-20 people. Number of courses varies upon budget and guest count. Contact us for more info.

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