Services Overview

Diem Culinary offers several different services from weekly meal prep to wedding catering and everything in between. Below you will find information about some of the more popular services we offer. 

Our base rates are listed HERE.


Personal Chef - Personal chef services are encompassed in two main categories: meal prep and in-home dining. Meal prep refers to having scheduled pre-made meals delivered to your home for anywhere between 1 and 6 people. In-home dining clients are looking to have live meals cooked for dinner parties and being able to interact with the chef; usually ranging from 3-7 courses. For wine drinkers we are happy to offer suggested pairings and if you are into cocktails we can craft specialty cocktails for your meal or event. For more info or for booking contact us now.


Catering - Diem Culinary offers catering for all kinds of events and occasions. One of the great things about our team is that we offer truly custom catering which means nothing is off the table. We take the utmost pride in finding ways to give each meal we serve a special touch. So, if you are looking for a one of a kind dining experience: look no further. But, we do have some sample menus for those looking for a little more guidance below.





Cooking Classes/Instruction - We offer one on one or group style cooking classes as well as what we like to call Kitchen Instruction sessions. The classes are great for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned veteran. Cost will generally be around $75/person and will include groceries. Kitchen instruction is geared towards those that want to learn how to best organize their own home kitchens to reduce cooking times and maximize budgets.